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Signal Web Connection Kits

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Product No. Conductor Size Conductor Length Tab Size Weld Metal Connections Documents
RBTC3/164KTUS 3/16" 4" 1" US25R 100
RBTC3/164KTNT 3/16" 4" 1" NUWTUBE25R 100
Customer Drawing
RBTC3/1612KTUS 3/16" 12" 1" US25R 100
Customer Drawing

• Track Connectors are used when a compression connection is required, but the benefits of an exothermically welded connection are desired.

• Manufactured from 3/16" diameter bond strand.

• Resists fatigue due to vibration and provides maximum flexibility. 

Track Connectors Kit Includes: (100) Track Connector Bonds (2) Replacement molds (left hand, right hand) (100) Cartridges of weld metal (Either NUWTube25R or US25R) (1) Flint Igniter (NUWTube kits only)