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Located approximately 35 miles from Chicago in Grayslake, Illinois is our corporate office and 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Centrally located on the eastern seaboard in Fairmont, NC is another 75,000 square foot manufacturing plant.

About Harger

Vision Statement

Protecting lives and sensitive equipment worldwide. 

Core Values
  • Integrity: We do what is right when no one is watching. 
  • Innovation: We value creativity in all areas while seeking out new possibilities and solutions.
  • Excellence: We continually pursue our maximum potential by redefining our goals and expectations.
  • Stewardship: We strive to create an environment that helps people reach their full potential.
  • Passion: Having an intense desire to successfully execute all other core values. 

Harger is honored to be a member of C12 where like-minded Christian business CEOs and executive leadership share ideas, discover and plan for areas in their business that need improvement, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another to conduct business in a God-honoring way.
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Mission Statement

Striving to produce the best lightning protection and grounding solutions possible in a manner that honors God. 

Bonding Jumpers

Harger offers a full line of bonding jumpers and hardware. For projects requiring unique designs, our technical staff can provide solutions and submittals to address any mounting requirement.

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GRounding busbars

Today’s sensitive electronic environments require specialized bonding and grounding techniques. Understanding high frequency, equipotential ground planes and signal reference subsystems are imperative when protecting sophisticated electronic systems; grounding busbars play an important role.


lightning protection & grounding conductors

Using custom high speed drawing, plating and cabling equipment, conductors are manufactured at the Harger facility in North Carolina. A wide variety of lightning conductors and bare or tinned copper grounding conductors sized #10 through 1000 MCM are produced daily.

Lightning protection equipment

Innovative, installer-friendly components make Harger the leading provider of lightning protection equipment. These products are also backed by the foremost lightning protection design department in the world today.

harger university

Originally designed as a monthly lightning protection installation training course, Harger University has been expanded to include our entire catalog of training options. Presently we offer Lightning Protection Installation Training, General Bonding & Grounding, Exothermic Certification, and Wireless / Telecommunications Grounding. 

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Our mission is to provide the best grounding and lighting protection equipment in the world. We will accomplish this by providing the most accurate engineering designs available and supplying the highest quality materials. 

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