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Welcome to Harger's Resource Library. We have assembled a filterable collection of brochures, line cards, literature, and news articles for your informational needs. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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Emergency Power Supply (EPS) Lightning Protection Line Card

A lightning protection system compliant to NFPA 780 can help protect your Level 1 EPS from the damaging effects of a direct lightning strike. Incorporating this system into your NFPA 110 preventative maintenance plan is critical to ensuring reliable service when it is needed the most.
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Specialized Ground Electrode Line Card

Local soil conditions may require the usage of specialized ground electrodes in the ground electrode system.
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Wire Weight Calculator

Quickly calculate and tally the weight of wire based on the lengths entered. Covers stranded and solid conductors from #10 AWG through #4/0 AWG.
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Substation Grounding

Proper design of a grounding system is crucial to the longevity, safety, and operation of a Substation. This training module will go into various design objectives, approaches, relevant standards, and application requirements for an effective Substation Grounding System.
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Grounding Access Wells

Ground Access Wells provide the necessary access for maintenance, inspection, and testing of the buried grounding electrode system.
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Building Owners Brochure

Maintenance and recertification of the lightning protection system is vital for ensuring that the wise investment made during the original phase of construction remains intact.
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Ultraweld Starting Powder SDS

Ultraweld Starting Powder Safety Data Sheet
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Ultraweld Cast Iron Weld Metal SDS

Ultraweld Cast Iron Weld Metal Safety Data Sheet
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