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Harger is renown around the world as a leading supplier of lightning protection, grounding, and bonding materials. With our innovative product lines such as Ultraweld and UltraShot you can be confident you are getting the absolute best for your lightning protection, grounding, and bonding projects.  

Markets We Serve

The solar market can pose significant challenges, Harger stands ready for your custom or bonding and grounding needs.

Lightning Protection

Innovative contractor friendly components have allowed Harger to be a leading manufacturer in the lightning protection industry.


From custom power or signal jumpers to exothermically welded connections, Harger can assist with your rail bonding and grounding needs. 


Today’s electronic environments require specialized grounding applications. Harger has the knowledge and products required to protect these sensitive systems.


Wireless sites demand a low impedance lightning protection, bonding and grounding system to maintain critically important up-times.


A well designed equipotential grounding and bonding system is crucial for protecting personnel and equipment during fault conditions.


Since 1960, Harger has provided the best structural lightning protection, bonding, and grounding for commercial applications. 


Harger has the products and expertise necessary to address your projects where environmental corrosion is a concern. 

Oil & Gas

An effective lightning protection, bonding and grounding system is paramount to protecting our infrastructure.