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Welcome to Harger's Resource Library. We have assembled a filterable collection of brochures, line cards, literature, and news articles for your informational needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.. 

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UW Exothermic Safety Flyer

Safety Training and Certification
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Tower Bonding Clamp Flyer

Grounding Points for Tower Equipment and Structures
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Solar Power Brochure

Harger understands the strict labor cost and timeline demands of solar projects. To help our customers control both, we offer solutions such as factory built grounding assemblies that can be connected (exothermically or with high compression) on-site.
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LP Product in Buckets

Now offering our most popular lightning protection components packaged in buckets to improve transportation and storage in the field.
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HarGround Cross Reference

Cross reference HarGround parts
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Building Owners Brochure

Maintenance and recertification of the lightning protection system is vital for ensuring that the wise investment made during the original phase of construction remains intact.
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