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Fiberglass Masts

Designed for use with towers or other structures which require long air terminal extensions.

Product Information

Product Variations

Product No. Fiberglass Pipe Length (ft.) Exposed Air Terminal Length (in.) Conductor Type Exposed Conductor Length (ft.) Approx. Each Wt. (lbs.)
CUFATM-10 14' 26" 32 10 43
CUFATM20-5-15 20' 60" 28 15 45
CUFATM-50 14' 26" 32 50 50
CUFATM-90 14' 26" 32 90 60

Requires separate mounting assemblies such as #SSATMSC2. Recommend a minimum of 2 per assembly.
Other sizes available. Please contact factory for more information.

Technical Notes

Copper lightning conductor is exothermically welded to the air terminal and extends past the end of the pole in various lengths.
Mast is manufactured from heavy duty, rigid 1/4"" fiberglass.