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Harger supplies grounding and bonding materials for substation operators and contractors throughout the world.  Harger offers both premium exothermic connections as well as compression connections for above and below grade grounding applications.  We offer a wide range of fence grounding options as well as ground enhancement products for regions of high soil resistivity or applications with exceptional grounding requirements. Download Brochure

A. Electrolytic Ground Rod

B. Ground Access Well

C. Ground Enhancements

D. Grounding Conductor

A. CPC Pipe Clamp

B. Tinned Conductor

C. FGC Fence Fabric Clamp


E. CPC Pipe Clamp

F. PT Ultraweld Connection

A. Bonding Straps

B. VA Ultraweld Connection

C. Personal Safety Mat

D. Cable to Cable Connection

E. High Compression Grounding

F. Vertical Connection

G. Exothermic Jumpers

H. Vertical Connection


Harger offers both traditional tube and electronic ignition options for exothermic connections. The Ultrashot ignition system provides superior safety by moving the contractor farther away from the connection. Both methods provide a permanent solution where the conductivity of the connection is equal to or greater than that of the conductors utilized.

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Harger manufacturers ground conductors from 12 AWG to 1000 MCM. Bare, tinned and insulated conductors are available.

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Where compression connections are preferred, HarGround is your answer for building a reliable grounding network. Harger manufactures all common connection styles and utilizes standard die sets for crimping.

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Harger offers a full line of bonding jumpers and hardware. For projects requiring unique designs, our technical staff can provide solutions and submittals to address any mounting requirement.

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