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Signal Web Connection Bonds

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Product Variations

Product No. Conductor Size Conductor Length Tab Size Bond Style Documents
RBTC3/164 3/16" 4" 1" Bootleg
Customer Drawing
RBTC3/1612 3/16" 12" 1" Bootleg
Customer Drawing
RBJPTS.75-3/1624 3/16" 24" 3/4" Jumper
Customer Drawing
RBJPTS.75-3/1636 3/16" 36" 3/4" Jumper
Customer Drawing

1" tab is standard for bootleg connections

Custom bonds are available in both Tab & XS style in Jumper, Switch and Bootleg configurations. Part number RBJPTS.75-3/1636 (above) indicates rail bond, jumper configuration, tab style(TS), 3/4" tab, 3/16" bond strand, 36" long. 

JP = Jumper

SW = Switch

BL = Bootleg

Technical Notes