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Rail Web Grounding - Left Exit

Product Information

Product Variations

Product No. Conductor Size Weld Metal Size Rail Size
RMVL4WEBK 4 AWG Concentric 65R 85 lb. - 140 lb.
RMVL2WEBK 2 AWG Concentric 65R 85 lb. - 140 lb.
RMVL1/0WEBK 1/0 Concentric 90R 85 lb. - 140 lb.
RMVL2/0WEBK 2/0 Concentric 90R 85 lb. - 140 lb.
RMVL4/0WEBK 4/0 Concentric 115R 85 lb. - 140 lb.
RMVL4/0CR175WEBK 4/0 Concentric 115R 175 lb. Crane Rail

* Mold Sealer required for 1/0 and larger conductor

* Use adjustment screws to make bond on neutral axis of the rail

* Mold only - requires clamps: MH1 & RMWC1L or RMFRMW105C

Technical Notes

Welded grounding connections to the web of 85 lb. to 140 lb. standard rails.  If the ampacity requirement cannot be met with a single conductor, then two or more smaller conductors can be used.  Mold frames include adjusting screws to position the mold at the neutral axis of the rail.