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Mold Handle Clamps

Mold handle clamps are required for all molds, some molds are used with specialized frames.

Product Information

Product Variations

Product No. Application Qty. Approx. Each Wt. (lbs.)
MH1 For all molds with B, E, K, P & Q mold price key (3" wide) EA 2.75
MH2 For all molds with C, D, F, Y & Z mold price key (4" wide) EA 3.5
MH3 For combo molds with L & M mold price key EA 0.25
MH4 For combo molds with R mold price key EA 1.5
MH6 For 3 piece I mold price key EA 4.75
MH7 For 3 piece J mold price key EA 5
Technical Notes

Handle clamps have a Zinc plated finish for durability