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CGCX Series

Cable to Cable / Ground Rod / Reinforcing Steel

Product Variations

Product No. Conductor Range(A) Conductor Range(B) Ground Rod Range (B) Reinforcing Steel Range (B) Die Index No. of Crimps Documents
CGCX2502 #2 Str.-250 MCM #2 Str.-250 MCM 1/2”-5/8” Rod #3-#4 Reinforcing Steel U997 1
Customer Drawing
Technical Data Sheet
CGCX2506 #2 Str.-250 MCM 250 MCM-500 MCM 5/8"-3/4" Rod #5-#6 Reinforcing Steel U997, U998 1
Customer Drawing
Technical Data Sheet

• Add suffix “-A” for factory applied antioxidant
• Add prefix “T-” for tinned

Installation Instructions

• A 12-ton tool is required for these connections