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Welcome to Harger's Resource Library. We have assembled a filterable collection of brochures, line cards, literature, and news articles for your informational needs. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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Copper Wire Mesh

Copper wire mesh improves ground planes, reduces step & touch voltages and allows for RF shielding.
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Bonding/Grounding Straps

Harger's complete line of Bonding/Grounding straps are high quality straps for today's demanding grounding applications.
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Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Harger provides a complete line of grounding, bonding, and lightning protection products for wastewater treatment facilities.
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Wind Power Protection

Harger's extensive range of lightning protection, grounding, and bonding products provide innovative solutions for the wind power industry,
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Today's electronic environments require specialized grounding applications. Harger provides the knowledge and products required to protect these sensitive systems.
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Harger University Enhanced Ground Rod Training Module

Welcome to our training module for Harger's enhanced ground rods, also known as electrolytic or "chem" rods.
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Harger's Low Smoke - No Flame System

Harger Lightning & grounding offers the industry's best Low Emission system for indoor applications, confined spaces, high-risk fire environments, and added safety for operators.
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Harger's 7 Steps to a NUWTube® Connection

This video demonstrates the 7 steps to making the ultimate NUWTube exothermic connection.
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