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Welcome to Harger's Resource Library. We have assembled a filterable collection of brochures, line cards, literature, and news articles for your informational needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.. 

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Drone™ Instructions

Our DRONE™ is an innovative electronic ignition system, the two button ignition method provides a safety factor not found in other systems.
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Lightning Protection System Design

Based on the requirements of NFPA 780 “Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems”, this training module will explain how to plan and design an effective lightning protection system. Contact Harger Today to Schedule a Training Session.
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Harger Ground Access Wells

Overview of load and load types. Go over industry standards and how Harger's product portfolio follows those standards. Learn typical applications.
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Ultraweld Innovative Products

Our background as a contracting company pushes us to develop innovative solutions for the exothermic welding process.
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Tamper Resistant Bonding Products

This video discusses Harger's line of tamper resistant bonding products.
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Self Performing Lightning Protection

Do you currently subcontract your lightning protection work? This training module will show how easily this sector of your electrical work can be brought in-house. Contact Harger Today to Schedule a Training Session.
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Ultraweld NUWTube®

Another great addition to Harger's Ultraweld family, NUWTube is unique, innovative, and cost effective.
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Making Exothermic Connections PT Weld Type

In this video, from our Harger University Series, we demonstrate how easy it is to make a PT connection using UltraShot.
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