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Signal House Feed Thru Grounding

Product Information

Product Variations

Product No. Stud Assembly Material Stud Thread Pigtail Conductor Pigtail Length Documents
ASCFS72 Tinned Brass/Stainless Steel 1/4-20 6 AWG Solid 6'
Customer Drawing
ASCFS2S72 Tinned Brass/Stainless Steel 1/4-20 2 AWG Solid 6'
Customer Drawing

• Feedthrough Stud provides a convenient and permanent path for a ground conductor to pass through the wall of a structure.
• Stainless steel hardware and tinned brass stud ensure resistance to corrosion.
• Protruding stud is used to either exothermically weld a ground conductor using Ultraweld mold HRCAD1/46SB (NUWTUBE45 or US45) or make a bolted lug connection.


Technical Notes

• Threaded stud is brass with a maximum torque of 61.5 in-lbs.