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Mold Care

Slag should be removed after each connection with a Mold Cleaning Brush or Mold Cleaning Spade.

Product Information

Product Variations

Product No. Description Qty. Approx. Each Wt. (lbs.) Documents
MCBRSH1 Mold Cleaning Brush - Large EA 0.25
Customer Drawing
MCBRSH2 Mold Cleaning Brush - Small EA 0.62
MCSPD150/400 Mold Cleaning Spade 150-400 EA 0.25
Customer Drawing
MCSPD25/115 Mold Cleaning Spade 25-115 EA 0.25
Customer Drawing
MLDSLR Mold Sealer 1lb EA 1
ULTRAWRAP Mold Blanket/Carrier EA 2
Customer Drawing
Technical Data Sheet
WELDBKT Weld Blanket 3'x4' EA 1
Technical Data Sheet
Technical Notes

Never use metallic or plastic brushes to clean a mold.