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Adhesives are used as an alternative to mechanically fastened components and offer a wide range of compatible surfaces.

Product Information

Product Variations

Product No. Color Box Qty. Approx. Box Wt. (lbs.)
DURASIL Translucent 24 24
M1-10OZ-B Black 24 26
M1-10OZ-G Gray 24 26
M1-10OZ-L Limestone 24 26
M1-10OZ-W White 24 26

M1 Structural Sealant is designed for difficult bonding and sealing applications such as low slope commercial roofing. It bonds aggressively to EPDM, PVC, BUY, coal tar, SBS mod bit, granulated APP, may types of coated metal, metal flashing details, and FRP.
DuraSil High-Performance Sealant is highly effective at bonding and sealing surfaces such as Kynar 500 (R) and Tedlar (R) PVF and unmatched when employed in extreme service temperatures (-80°F to 400°F).

Technical Notes

Application coverage is approximately 50 cable holders or 50 bases per 10.1 fluid oz. cartridge.
Surface must be free of all dirt, oil , loose paint, frost or other contaminations. DO NOT USE petroleum solvents such as mineral spirits or xylene.