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Price Adjustment Notice Effective January 1st 2024

Press Release
The Harger Way

November 1st, 2023

To our Valued Harger Customers,

Thank you for your partnership and continued support.  To provide price stability to our partners, our last price adjustment took effect January of 2023.  Our team is committed to controlling costs while striving to provide the highest quality solutions and customer service.  We have continued to see increases in inflation, labor, logistics, utilities, as well as continued material shortages driving up costs.  

 This forces us to announce a price and freight allowance adjustment effective January 1st, 2024.  The price adjustment will be on average 6% across all product lines, with some products being above or below this level.   

A new list price sheet will be available soon on to download. Pricing will also be updated with Trade Services and IDW.  If you need a net price sheet and/or updated Distributor Terms and Conditions sheet, please contact your Harger Regional Sales Manager or email [email protected].

Price and freight allowance adjustments may affect blanket quotations and special pricing agreements, they will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  

We at Harger look forward to continuing to be your trusted partner for all your lightning protection and grounding needs. Please feel free to contact us if you need any additional support during this transition.


Download Price Adjustment Letter