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COVID-19 Update 4-6-20

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COVID-19 Update

April 6, 2020

Today is Day 16 of the Illinois Shelter-In-Place Order. We are pleased to report that our company is still fully operational, and we have no team members that have contracted the virus at this time. In the past week, we have taken further steps both in Fairmont and Grayslake to help make both plants safe.
Fairmont –

  • Removed chairs in the breakroom and blocked off seating area, 6’ separation
  • Covered up the water fountain and unplugged, providing water bottles instead
  • Disinfectant spray ordered
  • Operating a 12:00-8:30 PM shift to help separate plant & maintain production demand
  • SueBee masks being overnighted to Fairmont today

Grayslake –

  • Lunchrooms realigned to maintain 6’ spacing
  • Desk areas marked with blue tape , 6’ spacing
  • Continued Sanitation by Vicki

Food Pantry Update –

  • Room prepared and will be procuring shelving today
  • Company will start stocking shelves, team members are encouraged to contribute
  • Let’s first take care of the needs of our team members, then donate to outside organizations

Mask Update –

  • To date, SueBee and Allyse have made almost 150 Masks, thank you ladies!
  • Mask production will be ongoing until the threat is over
  • Our Mask Maker SueBee

In closing, this week is reportedly going to be historic, the pandemic is supposed to peak. Coincidently, (or perhaps not), this is also the Passion week. Worldwide, Christians are celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We can all rest easy, he is in control of this situation.

Thank you for your support,

Mark S. Harger
Harger Lightning & Grounding