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IEEE 1100-2005 Standard
IEEE 1100-2005 Standard: IEEE Recommended Practice for Powering and Grounding Electronic Equipment
1.1 Scope
This document presents recommended design, installation, and maintenance practices for electrical power and grounding (including both safety and noise control) and protection of electronic loads such as industrial controllers, computers, and other information technology equipment (ITE) used in commercial and industrial applications.

1.2 Purpose
The main objective is to provide a consensus of recommended practices in an area where conflicting
information and confusion, stemming primarily from different viewpoints of the same problem, have
dominated. Practices herein address electronic equipment electrical performance and protection issues while maintaining a safe installation, as specified in the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) (NFPA 70, 2005 Edition) [B1]1 and recognized testing laboratories’ standards. This recommended practice is not intended to replace or to take precedence over any codes or standards adopted by the jurisdiction where the installation resides.

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