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IEC 62305-4
IEC 62305-4 Protection against lightning – Part 4: Electrical and electronic systems within structures
Provides information for the design, installation, inspection, maintenance and testing of a LEMP protection measures system (LPMS) for electrical and electronic systems within a structure, able to reduce the risk of permanent failures due to lightning electromagnetic impulse.
This standard does not cover protection against electromagnetic interference due to lightning, which may cause malfunctioning of electronic systems. However, the information reported in Annex A can also be used to evaluate such disturbances. Protection measures against electromagnetic interference are covered in IEC 60364-4-44 and in the IEC 61000 series [1].
This standard provides guidelines for cooperation between the designer of the electrical and electronic system, and the designer of the protection measures, in an attempt to achieve optimum protection effectiveness.
This standard does not deal with detailed design of the electrical and electronic systems themselves.

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