Create the Perfect Connection Everytime

  • UltraShot® exothermic welding systems provide superior
    grounding connections that last the lifetime of the grounding system.

  •     Patented copper drop-in cartridge consumed during the reaction process.
        Installation time is 40% to 50% faster than the traditional welding process.

    Safety Features

        2 button instant ignition
        No delays
        6’ lead provides added distance from reaction

Patented Copper Drop-In Cartridge

UltraShot® integrated weld metal container saves time with mold preparation.

  • No separate disk to install.
  • No weld metal to pour into mold.
  • No starting powder to pour into mold and onto the mold cover.
  • Patented copper drop-in cartidge consumed during the reaction process.
  • The electronic system fires instantly and uses an M18TM REDLITHIUMTM XC 4.0 18 volt Milwaukee® lithium ion battery with a built in fuel gauge.
  • Six-foot controller cord allows for flexibility in tight spaces as well as maintaining a safe distance from the reaction.


  • Ignition is accomplished with the use of a hand held Drone and 18 volt battery.
  • Makes over 1,300 connections on a single charge.
  • UltraBright LED indicates instantaneous ignition.
  • Audible ignition alert.
  • Includes six-foot cord with quick latch disconnect.

UltraShot Testamonial

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Making GS-GD-GO connections

Making a PT Connection

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The Perfect Connection!