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Bi-Metal 2 Bolt 2 Piece
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Bi-Metal 2 Bolt 2 Piece

Part No. Material Class Box Qty. Approx. Box Wt. (lbs.)
Add to BOM ◆ 210BM Bi-Metal II 10 2-1/2
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• 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" two bolt, two-piece, bi-metal connector allows
splicing of aluminum and copper conductors.
• Ideal when splicing aluminum conductor off vents to main copper
conductor run.
• Accepts all main size lightning conductors up to 9/16" diameter.
• Two 5/16" x 1-1/2" stainless steel carriage bolts assure a positive
electrical connection.
• Manufactured from high conductivity copper and aluminum alloys.

• Aluminum materials shall not be used within 460 mm (18 in.) of the point where the lightning protection
system conductor comes into contact with the earth. Fittings used for the connection of aluminum down
conductors to copper or copper-clad grounding equipment shall be of the bimetallic type. Bimetallic
connectors shall be installed not less than 460 mm (18 in.) above earth level.*
*NFPA 780 Use of Aluminum Sections 4.5.2, &