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Right Angle to Straight Connection
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Right Angle to Straight Connection

Part No. Type of
Type of
Threaded Bar Length Box Qty. Approx. Box
Wt. (lbs.)
Add to BOM ◆ 225-6 Copper Copper 6" 10 12-3/4
Add to BOM ◆ A225-6 Aluminum Aluminum 6" 10 7-1/4
Add to BOM ◆ 225BM-6 Aluminum Copper 6" 10 11-1/4
Add to BOM ◆ 225-12 Copper Copper 12" 10 15-3/4
Add to BOM ◆ A225-12 Aluminum Aluminum 12" 10 8-1/2
Add to BOM ◆ 225BM-12 Aluminum Copper 12" 10 13-3/4
Add to BOM ◆ 225-18 Copper Copper 18" 10 18-3/4
Add to BOM ◆ A225-18 Aluminum Aluminum 18" 10 9-3/4
Add to BOM ◆ 225BM-18 Aluminum Copper 18" 10 16-1/4
Add to BOM ◆ A225BM-18 Aluminum Copper 18" 10 16-1/4
◆ BOM = Bill of Materials
• Thru-roof or thru-wall connectors are used when making roof or wall penetrations
because of the difficulty of sealing stranded lightning conductor cables.
• Features include 1/2" diameter threaded rod, neoprene sealing washers and
stainless steel jam nuts to assure a watertight installation.
• Fits all main size conductors up to 9/16" diameter.
• Other configurations available. Please contact factory for more information.

• Requirements covering exposed systems also shall apply to concealed systems, except conductors shall be
permitted to be coursed under roofing materials, under roof framing, behind exterior wall facing, between wall
studding, in conduit chases, or embedded directly in concrete or masonry construction.*
• Where a conductor is run in metal conduit, it shall be bonded to the conduit at the point where it enters
the conduit, at the point where it emerges from the conduit, and at all locations where the conduit is not
electrically continuous.*
*NFPA 780 Concealed Systems, General Sections &

According to Directive: 2002/95/EC, 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2)
Right Angle to Straight Connection
To whom it may concern,

The above part is hereby certified to be in compliance of the European directive 2002/95/EC, 2011/65EU or its exemption(s) for restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS 2).

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