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Standard Mat Sizes
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Standard Mat Sizes

Part No. Width (ft.) Length (ft.) Conductor Size/Type (AWG) Conductor Spacing (in.) Approx. Each
Wt. (lbs.)
Add to BOM ◆ GM125066 12 50 6 6 214
Add to BOM ◆ GM1250612 12 50 6 12 117
Add to BOM ◆ GM1250624 12 50 6 24 69
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• Other sizes available. Please contact factory for more information.
• Maximum mesh width is 20 ft.

     Prefabricated wire mesh is a simple cost effective method of enhancing ground systems.
Applications include improving the ground plane at telecommunications and radio transmitting/
receiving facilities and reducing step and touch potentials at power plants and substations. Mesh is
also used where ground rods are impossible to drive or are ineffective because of soil conditions.
     Wire mesh is manufactured from solid copper or copper clad steel wire, ranging from #10 AWG
to #4 AWG. Normal spacing between conductors are 4", 6", 8", 12", 24" and 48". All joints are silver
brazed ensuring excellent electrical continuity, corrosion resistance and superior strength.

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Standard Mat Sizes
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