Strike Guard

Lightning Warning System

  • Strike Guard™ is an advanced Lightning Detection and Warning
    System utilizing proprietary optical technology for accurate and
    reliable warnings of nearby, potentially hazardous lightning activity

  • The Strike Guard™ Lightning Warning System can be deployed
    anywhere that the hazards of lightning exist for people or
    critical equipment.

    Construction Sites
    Golf Courses
    Sports Complexs
    Mission Critical Facilities

Lightning Safety Fact Sheet

Lightning is now a preventable hazard. In the past the hazards of lightning strikes have been overlooked in terms of occupational hazards. Employers need to be aware about the hazards of lightning to ensure safety.

WAVE Data Receiver

The WAVE Data Receiver constantly analyzes signals from the Strike Guard™ Sensor against user defined settings (including radius, lightning activity thresholds, etc.). When combined with the optional Strike View software; comprehensive data viewing options, alerting, data logging, email notifications, Strike Guard Receiver testing and networking of multiple computers/sensors is available.

WAVE Transmitter

The WAVE Transmitter is capable of activating an unlimited number of WAVE Siren Stations or WAVE Sequencers within a three mile radius. This allows WAVE Siren Stations to be mounted in strategic locations and WAVE Power Sequencers to be mounted near critical equipment.

WAVE Siren Station

The WAVE Siren Station is a remote component which provides an audible alert (tri-horn model shown mounted on a wood mast with optional solar panel) that lightning has been detected and that employees and patrons should seek shelter.

WAVE Sequencer

Each WAVE Sequencer allows three separate electrical power feeds to be switched on and off via 12VDC outputs. Examples include pumps, irrigation systems and other critical equipment.